Understanding the Complexity of Prostate Cancer Drug Names – Cutting Through The Confusion

As drugs are developed they are given many different names, but the drug (or treatment) is the same despite its name. For us laymen, multiple names for the same drug is confusing. So, why are there so many different names for the same thing? Drugs usually have three different names; A chemical name that relates [...]

Can You Ever Be Re-Treated With Xofigo? Finding The Answer With A New Clinical Trial

Now that Radium-223 Dichloride (Xofigo) has been approved by the FDA for use in men with castrate resistant prostate cancer with bone metastases we will begin to see the actual treatments happening. The next question in the process that will arise is whether or not it is safe and effective to re-treat an individual with [...]

Start A Cure- Molecular Radiotherapy for Metastatic Prostate Cancer – A Project for You to Fund

A few days ago I wrote about Malecare’s new program addition, Start A Cure in my post “Announcing A New Research Platform – Start A Cure.” The program goal is to raise funding for cancer research by allowing each of us, as individuals, to pick the projects we want to fund and then to make [...]

Important – Read the Prescribing Information that Comes with Your Medications

The following is a post from Chuck Maack on the Advanced Prostate Cancer Internet support group: “It came to mind wondering how many patients and/or their caregivers prescribed Zytiga/abiraterone acetate have ever taken the important time to read all the details regarding the effects that may be experienced by patients and whether or not they [...]

Acknowledging That We Need to Merge Science with Personal Preferences When It Comes to Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

There has been much discussion about the timing of treatments now that we have new drugs available to treat advanced prostate cancer. However, today’s technology does not allow us to know what the best sequencing of these drugs to maximize their efficacy would be, so we just punt along. We do not know whether or [...]

The Latest News about MDV3100 (Enzalutamide) – We Believe that Its FDA Approval is Just Around the Corner

My very dear friend and advocate supreme, Jan Manarite, from PCRI has sent me an update on MDV3100 (enzalutamide). As usual her information is important, so I thought I would pass it on today. • She points out that once the FDA approves MDV3100 (I am going to work on the assumption that it will [...]

Neurological Complications of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Rarely discussed, but very much a potential problem for men with advanced prostate cancer are neurological complications resulting from prostate cancer metastasis. Neurological complications of metastatic prostate cancer require quick treatment to minimize impact on a man, so early recognition is important. Family physicians when faced with a man complaining of low back pain or [...]

Combining and Sequencing the New Prostate Cancer Drugs, Can It Improve Treatment Outcomes? – On the Horizon

There is good reason for guarded optimism among men with advanced prostate cancer. Over the last 2 years we have seen some significant movement with the development of new drugs and treatments for men with advanced prostate cancer. All of these drugs have demonstrated a survival advantage in their clinical trials. Each of the agents [...]

Disease Risk, Not Age, Should Influence Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions

Should treatments offered to older men with high risk prostate cancer be different than for younger men? Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco found that older men were denied more aggressive treatments because of their age. Men older than 75 years of age with high-risk prostate cancer often are under-treated when compared to [...]

A New Strategey – Fight Cancer with Cancer – On The Horizon

Thinking out of the box, a new concept to fight cancer, including prostate cancer, has been developed. The strategy is simple, fight cancer with cancer! In a very small phase one trial researchers at the Rogosin Institute have taken encapsulated tumor cells from mice and made a bead from a seaweed-derived sugar called agarose. Then, [...]