Announcing A Phase 2 Clinical Trial of MDV3100 in Hormone-Naive Prostate Cancer Patients

For our European readers who have not yet started, but are getting ready to start hormone deprivation therapy (ADT), there is a new clinical trial you should consider. This trial is evaluating MDV3100 monotherapy as the first hormonal treatment of patients with prostate cancer. Enrolled men would not have had any previous hormonal therapies for [...]

The Latest on the Expanded Access Trial for Abiraterone- New Locations

ABIRATERONE EXPANDED ACCESS Trial Site Contact Info – 3/25/11 for men with advanced prostate cancer (800) 457-6399 M-F, 9am –5pm, EST TRIAL link: Basic Criteria: 1. testosterone less than 50 2. metastatic prostate cancer 3. no brain metastasis 4. failed chemo 5. no more than 2 different types of previous chemo […]

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