Welcome to the Malecare 2022 PRIDE and Prostate Cancer

Virtual Conference

June 21, 22, 23, and 24 – All sessions are free to attend.

Twenty-one presentations from leading doctors, researchers, and patient advocates from the USA, Australia, and the U.K. 

PRIDE and Prostate Cancer is probably the largest gathering of LGBT prostate cancer thought leaders worldwide.

Click on the links for the presentations you want to watch. Presentations go live after 2PM Eastern Time.

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Welcome to the conference!

Special thanks to Myovant and Bristol Myers Squibb for their support of our community.

Tuesday, June 21

Setting the scene for Gay men with Prostate Cancer
Thomas Gaither, MD

Meeting the treatment and quality of life needs of gay men with prostate cancer.
Evan Goldstein, D.O.

What Gay men with Prostate Cancer need to know about radiation therapy
Bernard Lee, MD

Realities of Sexual Restoration for Gay Men after Prostate Cancer Treatment
Alan Shindel, MD

An Oncologist who Learns from his Gay Patients
Sean Collins, MD


Wednesday, June 22

Gay Men, Sexuality, Sexual Health, and Prostate Cancer
Gary Dowsett, Ph.D.

Gay Couples/Partners/Husbands – one or both have Prostate Cancer
Tae Hart Ph.D.

Gay Men and Prostate Cancer – thoughts on staying alive and enjoying life
Charles Kamen, Ph.D.

Lessons learned from Gay men and prostate cancer
David Latini, PhD

Gay Men with Prostate Cancer Can Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life
Jane Ussher, Ph.D.

How the world of LGBTQAI+ Healthcare influences Gay men with Prostate Cancer
Gwendolyn Quinn Ph.D.

Thursday, June 23

Treatment Choices and Decision Making for Transgender Women with Prostate Cancer
Aria Olumi MD

Real-World Treatment Choices for Transgender Women with Prostate Cancer
Marissa Kent, MD

Standing Up for Transgender Women with Prostate Cancer
Suzanna Hopwood

Eve Tells Her Story as a Transgender Woman with Prostate Cancer
Eve Gammill


Friday, June 24

Navigating Prostate Cancer as a Sexual and Gender minority — Gay men with prostate cancer
Don Allensworth-Davie PhD

Gay Men and Prostate Cancer and Patient Advocacy. Real-world experience from an LGBT health advocate
Martin Wells

Strategies for Gay Men and Prostate Cancer from the founder of the LGBT Cancer Support Alliance
Ben Hayworth

Gay Men and Prostate Cancer and Lessons from a Support Group Leader
Paul Schneller MA

Gay Men and Prostate Cancer. Living life from a New York City LGBT Hero
Perry Bass

Talking about 20 years of helping Gay Men with Prostate Cancer 
Gerald Perlman Ph.D.