Topic 3, Multidisciplinary Care

This particular topic may be the most important. A few have tried to put the discussion about its importance on the table (ref. this document published by the AUA back in 2005), but perhaps old habits die hard? General cancer conferences are mandated by the Commission on Cancer (CoC). You can’t be a community cancer [...]

Topic 2, Prostate Conservation

Over treatment is the big issues thrown out there in any discussion about why men shouldn’t screen.  So a couple of years ago the concept of Active Surveillance began to gain broader conceptual adoption.  It’s  generally considered to be a good smart option for maybe as many as half of men who are diagnosed, provided [...]

Topic 1, preparation, recovery, and reconstruction

Without getting into any details about side-effects, from what I understand, a lot of prostate cancer patients experience them, and many exit treatment feeling unprepared for the physical and psychological burden associated with them. What’s worse, some “don’t want to talk about them” even to the extent of living with side-effects for years without being [...]

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Over the next few days, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, I’ll attempt some interesting and non-funding related “analogies” where parallel programs to some surprisingly cost effective and simple, yet currently non-existent, cause components might be developed for prostate cancer. These ideas might improve patient quality of life, screening effectiveness, and advocacy in general.

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is more awareness really what we need?

I'm going to go ahead and answer that with a big YES!  But with the caveat that the breadth and scope of our awareness has to expand if we have any hope of ever comprehensively addressing the issues that surround this awful disease.  Knowing it's there does scarcely little good with no clear path for [...]

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Blue Bulb Campaign

This year, let's take prostate cancer awareness building into our own hands. Light a Blue Bulb every night (or, for a few nights) during September. Too often, we look to nonprofits, government agencies and corporations to lead our advocacy efforts?and, sometimes, we are deeply disappointed. This year, our national prostate cancer nonprofit, Malecare, asks us [...]

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Clinical Trials That Exclude Gay and Lesbian Patients

The March 18, 2010  issue of *New England Journal of Medicine* (Volume 362, #11, March 18)  includes a study: "Clinical Trials That Explicitly Exclude Gay and Lesbian Patients." The authors are Brian L. Egleston, Ph.D., Roland L. Dunbrack, Jr., Ph.D., & Michael J. Hall, M.D. Here's how the report starts: "We recently encountered proposed studies [...]

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Malecare Testimony at Congressional Prostate Cancer Hearing

To: The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Re: “Prostate Cancer:  New Questions About Screening and Treatment” March 4, 2010 We wish to thank the Committee for allowing us to present four important issues, on behalf of the thousands of men, their loved ones and their families, whom Malecare serves. Founded in 1998, Malecare [...]

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