Comparing the Morbidity of HIFU to CYRO After Failed Radiation Therapy

Currently, there are a number of different treatments used to treat recurrent prostate cancer when the primary treatment had radiation has failed. In this situation surgery is considered very difficult and can only be successfully performed by an experienced surgeon, so alternative treatments are often considered. Long-term data about the success of these alternative treatments [...]

Questions to Ask Your Doctor When Deciding on New Treatment Possibilities

Many cancer treatments have the potential to impact your overall quality of life (QoL). Before making any decision to use a treatment it is important to understand what might be the possible impacts of the treatment not only on the disease, but also on your life.   Impacts could be positive or they could be negative. [...]

ADT Increases Our Risk for Developing Alzheimer’s and Not By A Little!

New information about a possible bad side effect of hormone therapy (ADT) for men with prostate cancer was just published and it is frightening for men on hormone therapy (ADT). The findings are a result of a joint study conducted by researchers at Penn University Medicine with researchers from Stanford University. What is it that [...]

The Financial Burden of Cancer Has Become A Toxicity Like Hair Loss And Nausea

My good friend and fellow advocate Mike Scott (Prostate Cancer Info Link) introduced me to a new web site produced by the University of Chicago called Cost of Care ( The site is designed around the novel idea that the cost we must pay for our cancer care has become another negative side effect or [...]

An Additional Explanation Of The Proposed ASCO Drug Rating System

One of my prior posts (  explained the current movement to establish a rating system that a prostate cancer survivor, along with their doctor, could use to make better decisions about which drugs to use.  The rating system, or formula, factors in information about efficacy (additional survival time), side effects, safety of the drug, and [...]

Evaluating The Side Effects Of Docetaxel (Taxotere) vs Cabazitaxel (Jevtana)

Many men express great hesitation to move to chemotherapy with both docetaxel (taxotere) and cabazitaxel (Jevtana) because of the side effects which can include alopecia (hair loss), nail changes, neuropathy, and dysgeusia (a distortion of the sense of taste). A group of researchers hypothesized that the adverse side effects (AE) of these two chemotherapy drugs, [...]