Cancer Survivors and Stress

I have often hypothesized that stress can escalate the rate of prostate cancer progression, leading to earlier deaths. I work actively to find ways to eliminate stress from my immediate environment and from my life. I have told the story many times about two men who were members of my weekly Malecare prostate cancer support [...]

Vickie Shares Great Wisdom on Spousal Communication

Vickie wrote both a very moving and very important email to the "circle" mailing list. After reading this post I contacted her to asked permission to repost it on this blog. I am very thankful to her for giving me permission to re-publish it and I am hopeful that she will continue to share her [...]

Issues With Survivors Helping Others

I am a firm believer in survivors helping other men deal with their prostate cancer, however there are areas of caution. What treatment should I move on to; hormone blockade; Keto or chemotherapy. Should I participate in a clinical trial? What’s best for me? It seems that there is a lot of advice out there, [...]

Randomized Clinical Trial Of A Family Intervention For Prostate Cancer Patients And Their Spouses

Both prostate cancer patients and their spouses benefit from family intervention counseling, but surprisingly spouses benefit more then the patients, this according to an article published in the December issue of Cancer! Learning about the diagnosis and then the treatment itself often has very negative effects on both the patient and the spouse. Knowing and [...]

Family Leave

The United States Department of Labor is charged with administering the Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) program in the U.S. This program requires that certain employers provide non-paid leave time to employees under certain circumstances. Leave is required in order to allow an employee to care for a spouse, son, daughter, or parent if [...]

Depression and Our Caretakers

We often talk about depression and its effects on survivors, but having cancer also has significant effects on our caretakers and our family members. Many of them are constantly worried about us; spend time accompanying us at our doctor’s appointments; have to continue to hold down a job; deal with the myriad of everyday problems [...]

Caution, The Super Bug Is Looking For You

At their annual meetings in San Jose, California, The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology released the startling results of a large comprehensive survey which indicated that as many as 5% of all hospital and nursing home patients are infected with a dangerous, antibiotic resistant Staph germ. According to the survey, on any [...]

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