I have been communicating with a friend I have never met but who I have known since Bill was alive. We met on one of the listserves, the Circle, a list heavily populated by women dealing with the realities of prostate cancer. Her husband was diagnosed 10 years ago and is reaching the end of available treatments. It is a difficult time for both of them. I found a website that might be helpful to them. It might be helpful to many at earlier stages of prostate cancer also. The Caring Connections site says, It’s about how you live.

Some of the topics they address are:

Planning Ahead

Advance Care Planning Legal Issues

Advance Directives

Planning for Long Term Care


Serious Illness



End-of-Life Care


Grief in the Workplace

Resources in Spanish

Professional Resources

This is just some of the resources at the website. Check all the pages. They discuss issues that people do not want to talk about but need to have know to make difficult times easier.

Click here to be directed to the website.