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Malecare’s Message Regarding Travel & Refugee Ban Into the USA

All of us are affected by the recent refugee and travel ban. At one time or another, all of us have been helped by doctors, medical students, nurses, social workers, caregivers and fellow cancer patients who were born outside of the United States. Many of the treatments and drugs that keep us alive were developed [...]

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Good advice on how to call your representatives.

Good advice on how to call your representatives. From a former Senator staffer from Seattle, Mark Jahnke: Friends! As some of you know, I used to work on Capitol Hill as the person in charge of all the incoming phone calls to my Senator's office. I have some insider tips to make calling your reps [...]

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Thanksgiving in USA – Thank You

I've been leading Malecare Cancer Support for nineteen years.  You have honored me by sharing your time, voice and heart in one or more of our programs.  Thank you for that! You have taught me a lot about happiness, disease, hurt and fear.  You've shown me respect, made me laugh, and challenged me when I was [...]

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“Do No Harm” NOT in Hippocratic Oath

I was talking to a prostate cancer patient about the difference between "harm" and "hurt," referring to the Hippocratic Oath.  Doctors are ok with "hurting" patients regarding impotence and incontinence, but do all they can to prevent "harm," or death.  Both of us agreed this distinction relates to the Hippocratic Oath.  But, turns out we [...]

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Global Prostate Cancer Alliance

PROSTATE CANCER NETWORK Join here: A friendly, informal atmosphere where we can pick each other’s brains. Your 24 hour online support group. Talking about prostate cancer can be a powerful tool in learning to cope with it. Our community is run by the Prostate Cancer Network of the Global Prostate Cancer Alliance

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Fred Gersh Died Today

Fred Gersh died earlier this morning, from the Prostate Cancer that he had been fighting for many years. Fred was a friend and ally to Malecare. He spent much of the last decade of his life as a prostate cancer advocate. I met Fred during one of the many conferences we both attended. One day, [...]

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Light The White House Blue for Prostate Cancer

It's our disease It's our country It's our White House We must raise 5,000 signatures by Oct 22 to be considered. Please sign the petition to: Light The White House Blue to raise Prostate and Testicular cancer awareness. We must get 5,000 signatures by Oct 22 to be considered. Please click and sign [...]

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Blue Bulb Campaign

This year, let's take prostate cancer awareness building into our own hands. Light a Blue Bulb every night (or, for a few nights) during September. Too often, we look to nonprofits, government agencies and corporations to lead our advocacy efforts?and, sometimes, we are deeply disappointed. This year, our national prostate cancer nonprofit, Malecare, asks us [...]

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Gay Men Celebrate 10 years of Online Prostate Cancer Support from Malecare

Malecare Celebrates 10 years of online prostate cancer support for gay men. Russ Windle on today's 10 year celebration: Congratulations to all the men past and present who have made this group a viable resource for gay men dealing with the effects of prostate cancer in their lives. You have made this group what it [...]

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Light the White House Blue-Malecare’s New Awareness Campaign

Light the White House Blue in September 2011 is Malecare's latest prostate cancer awareness campaign.  Part petition, part people's advocacy effort, Light the White House Blue has a petition and voice of the people page at   Sign it, today!

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