The summer came to it’s unofficial close a couple of weeks ago and will be officially in the record books when fall begins on September 23rd. This year was the first year Dev went to a real camp and he had a ball from day one. It was a relief in the sense that we didn’t know what to expect this year. Still, even with his great summer, mommy and daddy had a long summer. Thankfully school is back in session and routine is taking hold again.

Usually the traffic eases up for the warm season in NY. This year it was terrible. There was road work every where and in general everyone who could be on the road was on the road. It could have been that fewer people were taking extended vacations and instead opted for long weekends at closer venues. It could have been that the high unemployment rate in the US simply kept people tethered to their homes. Whatever the reason the traffic was bad and we had no rest from the long commutes and weekend traffic jams. At work the summer is when we handle audits and generally work our butts off pulling together the financial activities of the July-June fiscal years of our clients, so there were rare opportunities for rest.

I did get a few opportunities for fun though. I performed a wedding ceremony (it was a spiritually fulfilling event and I hope to do more in the future). And me and the family took a cruise to Key West and Cozumel. In Key West I got a chance to show my son where I was born and where his mother and I tied the knot. He didn’t care. We also had the chance to get soaked in a tropical depression. The rain didn’t dampen our spirits though and in fact reminded me more of my youth than the sunshine did. Some memories aren’t worth remembering but as far as my time in the Keys goes, all those memories are warm and full of joy.

I cooked some on the grill – ribs, specialty burgers, turkey legs, steaks – and was never disappointed. But I mostly worked and was too tired to spend the day in the sun with the smoker. Instead we ate lots of sushi at our new favorite spot that has sushi for $1 a piece and three rolls for $10.

I do think that earlier this year I took on too much and crashed and burned spectacularly at some point with the help of some douche bags who are no longer in my life, but I am slowly regaining my energy and reconnecting to my creative side. Soon I will be restarting my parent coaching practice and I am willing to do some pro bono work with the right, committed clients. If you think that could be you please feel free to send me an email or leave a note in the comments section of this post.

With the autumn comes my energy. I love the fall. I feel like I’m at my best at this time of year. The crisp air, the changes in the leaves, the fashionable jackets and boots make me happy. But most of all I love that my three favorite holidays (plus the one fun fake holiday) comes in rapid succession starting in the fall. I’ve already decided on the apple picking weekend and the orchard. I’m getting a pumpkin too and planning the face I want to carve this year. I’m researching to find out if this will be the year we go somewhere fun for Thanksgiving or New Years. I’ve even already started to ease myself into holiday music! I think I may have been an elf in a previous life.

It’s a blessing to be able to witness the change of seasons each year. Many of our loved ones, soldiers overseas, and victims of senseless violence will not see the leaves go from green to gold this year. When you do, try to appreciate the wonder of how nature takes a rest for the cold months. And consider taking your own respite from the harshness of life and recharge your own spirit as the trees do. Or at least plan a really big party with lots of champagne to celebrate making it through this year and to welcome in the next.

Here go some tunes that give good vibes to the month that kick-starts Autumn: