Precision Radiation Treatment . Cyberknife has improved prostate cancer treatment as dynamically as robotic surgery . But, Cyberknife is not for everyone. See if it’s right for you. Seth Blacksburg, MD and Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW, explain.

1. How does radiation therapy actually work? 00:44

2. Does radiation therapy cause second cancers? 06:28

3. Should I worry about CAT scans? 15:00

4. What’s the difference between Radiation Oncologist, Radiologist and other Oncologists?15:53

5. What’s new and great in radiation therapy? 17:22

6. What is Cyberknife? 18:23

7. How does Cyberknife work? 27:00

8. Are there special considerations for African American, who die from prostate cancer at a rate 2.4 higher than that for Caucasian men? 32:21

9. How much radiation will Cyberknife give me, compared to other types of radiation treatments? 34:25

10. How many times do I have to be treated by Cyberknife? 39:50

11. How do you know that Cyberknife killed all my cancer? 42:32

12. Will Cyberknife treatment change the length of my penis? 47:21

13. How does radiation therapy cause erectile dysfunction? 48:00

14. Should I sperm bank before radiation therapy? 50:30

15. Will I be incontinent after radiation therapy? 51:24

16. How long does each Cyberknife session take? 52:40

17. What can I do if Cyberknife doesn’t kill all of my prostate cancer? 54:40

18. Can Cyberknife reduce pain from a distant bone metastasis? 57:14