Three of the participants on the Malecare Health Unlocked Advanced Prostate Cancer Online Support Group have been sharing their personal experiences and recommendations on how to best get a Firmagon injection. It is clear that how the injection is given has a direct effect on he pain and inflammation a man will experience from the injection.

If you are getting ready to start Firmagon you should heed these recommendations.

Dave 2 said, “My experience w/ Firmagon was similar to yours–initial doses to stomach area but at too shallow an angle. This med is very dependent on skill of nurse administering it, as you pointed out (reference to a prior comment I had made).

Among the things that can lessen site inflammatory reaction are:

  1. Grasping skin at point of injection (thumb & forefinger) and pulling up and to the side.
  2. Slow injection (min of 30 sec).
  3. Leave needle in place for 30-60 sec post-injection (with skin still held up and to the side) before withdrawing it. This allows depot gel to begin to form before needle withdrawal, hence reducing the tendency for the med to leak back through the injection hole and reach the dermis layers most sensitive to inflammation.
  4. Be sure that the angle of injection is at minimum 45 degrees. This is supposed to be a deep subcutaneous injection, and I’m starting to think that closer to 90 degrees is better (provided that skin “pull away” described above is followed).
  5. Try getting the injection to your side rather than the more central stomach area.

When I follow the above, site reaction is relatively mild and lasts no more than two days. I haven’t needed ice or other pain mitigation steps.

Ihurwitz added: “To help with Firmagon reaction I used over the counter Benadryl tabs and Claritin 12 hour non-drowsy tabs the day of injection and day after. It helps quite a bit. Along with icing the area of injection”.

Finally, StarlighterLen said. “I’ve been getting Firmagon injections for 2 years and my experience has been very similar to Dave’s. The deeper the angle of injection, the less pain and swelling. Angle of entry should be at least 60 degrees or higher. Advil every 4-6 hours is very helpful for the first couple of days and I use an OTC pain reliever called BioFreeze gel, which you gently rub on the surface of the reaction site. For me, this provides instant relief from pain, itching, etc., although it only lasts about 2 hours. It’s a counter-irritant and the active ingredient is menthol. Somehow, it works fine for me.

Here is an extraordinary demonstration of the wisdom and breath of experience that is available on the Malecare Online support group.

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