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(Replays online through January 18, 2021)


01dec12:00 pmVirtual EventProstate Cancer in 2021Patrick Walsh, MD

01dec1:00 pmVirtual EventMRI's and Focal TherapyCaroline Moore MD

02dec(dec 2)12:00 pmVirtual EventRadiation Therapy, PSMA, Imaging (and exercise) - An easy to understand guideJarad Martin MD

02dec(dec 2)2:00 pmVirtual EventI'm A Four Time Prostate Cancer SurvivorSteve Fleishmann

03dec(dec 3)12:00 pmVirtual EventSurgery, Radiation, or Active Surveillance - How Does A Prostate Cancer Patient Choose?Kirsten Greene MD

03dec(dec 3)2:00 pmVirtual EventImaging For Active SurveillanceJohan Stranne MD

04dec(dec 4)12:00 pmVirtual EventProstate Cancer Treatment in the ArmyMajor Charlton Smith MD

04dec(dec 4)1:00 pmVirtual EventTreating Stress Urinary IncontinenceJudith Hagedorn MD

04dec(dec 4)2:00 pmVirtual EventIs Prostate Cancer Screening Right For Me?Amy Luckenbaugh MD

05dec(dec 5)12:00 pmVirtual EventUrinary urgency and incontinence - current state of the art.Tamsin Greenwell MD

05dec(dec 5)2:23 pmVirtual EventIs talking about my feelings a good thing?Mary Dominiecki PhD