Malecare’s Message Regarding Travel & Refugee Ban Into the USA

All of us are affected by the recent refugee and travel ban. At one time or another, all of us have been helped by doctors, medical students, nurses, social workers, caregivers and fellow cancer patients who were born outside of the United States. Many of the treatments and drugs that keep us alive were developed [...]

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Good advice on how to call your representatives.

Good advice on how to call your representatives. From a former Senator staffer from Seattle, Mark Jahnke: Friends! As some of you know, I used to work on Capitol Hill as the person in charge of all the incoming phone calls to my Senator's office. I have some insider tips to make calling your reps [...]

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Thanksgiving in USA – Thank You

I've been leading Malecare Cancer Support for nineteen years.  You have honored me by sharing your time, voice and heart in one or more of our programs.  Thank you for that! You have taught me a lot about happiness, disease, hurt and fear.  You've shown me respect, made me laugh, and challenged me when I was [...]

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“Do No Harm” NOT in Hippocratic Oath

I was talking to a prostate cancer patient about the difference between "harm" and "hurt," referring to the Hippocratic Oath.  Doctors are ok with "hurting" patients regarding impotence and incontinence, but do all they can to prevent "harm," or death.  Both of us agreed this distinction relates to the Hippocratic Oath.  But, turns out we [...]

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11/8 – big policy day…

Tomorrow is our last to comment on the USPTF draft recommendations for PSA. Now - more than ever, please consider who you vote for and what they stand for... look deeper than peacock posturing and flashy promises. What has this person done for the people they've been responsible to in the past? Are they bought [...]

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USPTF guidelines – please help!

Please submit your comments to the USPTF. We need 30,000 by November http://www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/uspstf_form3/

Topic 3, Multidisciplinary Care

This particular topic may be the most important. A few have tried to put the discussion about its importance on the table (ref. this document published by the AUA back in 2005), but perhaps old habits die hard? General cancer conferences are mandated by the Commission on Cancer (CoC). You can’t be a community cancer [...]

Topic 2, Prostate Conservation

Over treatment is the big issues thrown out there in any discussion about why men shouldn’t screen.  So a couple of years ago the concept of Active Surveillance began to gain broader conceptual adoption.  It’s  generally considered to be a good smart option for maybe as many as half of men who are diagnosed, provided [...]

Topic 1, preparation, recovery, and reconstruction

Without getting into any details about side-effects, from what I understand, a lot of prostate cancer patients experience them, and many exit treatment feeling unprepared for the physical and psychological burden associated with them. What’s worse, some “don’t want to talk about them” even to the extent of living with side-effects for years without being [...]

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Over the next few days, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, I’ll attempt some interesting and non-funding related “analogies” where parallel programs to some surprisingly cost effective and simple, yet currently non-existent, cause components might be developed for prostate cancer. These ideas might improve patient quality of life, screening effectiveness, and advocacy in general.

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