Ignorance trumps many dimensions of social justice

What happened yesterday in NC (passing of NC Amendment 1) is shameful beyond reason. If you claim to be an advocate for men's health and you do not advocate for veterans or if you support anti LGBT legislation you are NOT an advocate for men's health - period.

Mayan Prophecy

I've been thinking lately about the Mayan Prophecy (the world ending on 12/21/12). Apparently a lot of people believe that this end of days might actually be a global re-alignment in thought... whereas we have a whole world that is dominated by patriarchal masculine attitudes and behaviors, even in women, there might be a re-introduction [...]

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Ryan O’Neal and Warren Buffet

Two well-known celebrities were diagnosed with cancer this week – and each case illustrates the confusion that is indicative of the experience of cancer diagnosis in our broken medical system. Ryan O’neal announced his diagnosis last Friday (4/13) stating that he has stage 4 prostate cancer, but has been given a "positive" prognosis because it [...]

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Fred Gersh Died Today

Fred Gersh died earlier this morning, from the Prostate Cancer that he had been fighting for many years. Fred was a friend and ally to Malecare. He spent much of the last decade of his life as a prostate cancer advocate. I met Fred during one of the many conferences we both attended. One day, [...]

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The forest through the trees

In December of 2011 the National Institute of Health (NIH) released a draft State-of-the-Science Conference Statement.  The focus of the study was on PSA-based screening which has identified many men with low-risk prostate cancer.  Over the past decade active surveillance has emerged as a viable option for men with low-risk prostate cancer. This represents approximately [...]

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NIH Conference on Active Surveillance Summary

I'd like to invite everyone to read an article by Gary Schwitzer which nicely summarizes some interesting ideas relating to the concept of Active Surveillance originally posted on  Any discussion is very welcome!

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PSA + big picture = Men’s Health Night

It's interesting to reflect on the recent USPTF PSA upheaval - and to consider how and why we are here from a position of compassion. Personally, I'm interested and involved because my dad died of aggressive prostate cancer. He was screening - back in 1996 when screening was gaining momentum as a tool to find [...]

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11/8 – big policy day…

Tomorrow is our last to comment on the USPTF draft recommendations for PSA. Now - more than ever, please consider who you vote for and what they stand for... look deeper than peacock posturing and flashy promises. What has this person done for the people they've been responsible to in the past? Are they bought [...]

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USPTF guidelines – please help!

Please submit your comments to the USPTF. We need 30,000 by November

Topic 3, Multidisciplinary Care

This particular topic may be the most important. A few have tried to put the discussion about its importance on the table (ref. this document published by the AUA back in 2005), but perhaps old habits die hard? General cancer conferences are mandated by the Commission on Cancer (CoC). You can’t be a community cancer [...]