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Gay Men & Prostate Cancer Survey Pays $50

Malecare and the University of Minnesota are well on the way to making the Restore study, the largest and most comprehensive survey of gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer ever conducted. The Restore study is funded by the National Cancer Institute at NIH and is now recruiting men to complete their survey.  You can [...]

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Patient Action Leadership Council

The Prostate Cancer Patient Action Leadership Council will meet in late October to plan advocacy events and activities for 2016.  You are invited to join.  Please sign up at:

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NCI Opens New Trial – Understanding Genetic Similarities In Different Cancers

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) announced a new trial to evaluate genetic similarities in a variety of cancer types. I think that this is a great trial, which those of us who might qualify for it should think about participating. Increasingly we are thinking that to define (name) a cancer just upon the affected body [...]

Advanced Prostate Cancer Survey Closing Soon…Go to

My Prostate Cancer Experience is a new survey, helping us understand how prostate cancer treatment affects day to day living. The Prostate Cancer Experience encompasses all of the prostate cancer treatments that you may have chosen.  The survey closes in a few days, so please complete it, now. Go to    My Prostate Cancer Experience takes less [...]

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Take the Prostate Cancer Experience

Click Here to Take the Prostate Cancer Experience The Prostate Cancer Experience study at will help us understand the truth of how prostate cancer treatment affects day to day living.  There are many different kinds of treatments, different stages of disease and different sequences of treatment choice making.  The Prostate Cancer Experience encompasses all [...]

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Senator McCain amendment might kill Prostate Cancer research funding

Again and again and again Senator McCain (R-AZ) has attacked the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), which for PROSTATE CANCER has been among the most productive research vehicles we have to conquer PROSTATE CANCER. It is beyond my understanding why he has taken up this vendetta. Every year he is our biggest enemy, trying [...]

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CDC Prostate Cancer funding needs your help

With CDMRP funding preserved, please keep your advocacy up for restoration of Prostate Cancer activities funding in the CDC.  Go to President Obama’s fiscal year 2016 budget eliminates all funding for the Centers for Disease Control prostate cancer program. Congress has the power to protect the CDC Prostate Cancer program. We ask for your advocacy to protect this [...]

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Prostate Cancer Kills Black Men at Twice the Rate as White Men

African American men suffer from Prostate Cancer more than anyone, anywhere. If we want better treatments, then we've got to tell folks what it means to be a African American man diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Please go to and write a few paragraphs about your experience with prostate cancer OR email and we'll [...]

Hearing Your Story

The only thing more powerful than a story, is a decision. Help men find their way through prostate cancer treatment choices by telling your story here on Twice As Many.

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Logo Design

Our Twice As Many logo is now in beta.  The red "w" and "m" visualize the idea of "twice," where each letter presents two repeating elements.  The color red signifies, "cancer," much like it does for Malecare's primary logo.  We have incorporated Malecare's logo in the Twice As Many logo to highlight the unity of [...]

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